StayFlat® Sheet Trays

from American Pan UK

Durable, Long-Lasting Trays that Actually Stay Flat

StayFlat® Sheet Trays have sidewalls that are continuously reinforced with an engineered rib that increases its sidewall strength up to 30%. This feature coupled with a concave bottom and residual tensile stress results in a tray that resists bowing and stays flat longer!

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reinforced sides prevent flaring

This feature increases sidewall strength up to 30% and provides an easy, visual identification reference for situations where stronger, flatter sheet trays are required, such as for transport or for baking pies and cakes.

Coating options

Choose a plain, non-coated tray or choose to have your StayFlat sheet trays coated with one of our proprietary non-stick coatings – AMERICOAT® silicone glaze or DuraShield® non-stick coating.


A selection of our StayFlat Sheet Trays have been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International, meaning that they have surpassed the strict safety and quality standards established by this trusted global authority.

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